Mothership: Poem for Earth Week by Skylar Smythe

A tiny little place
This blue orb
This eden.
How peaceful she looks
From afar
How fragile.
How tragic…
That we can’t see
This home of ours
It needs our help
It needs our love
Im thinking of
A thousand things
That we can do
To save her life
And yet
We don’t
We wage war
Poison the land
Pollute the water
And murder the life forms
Global destruction
And I can see
Her try and try
To rebuild
With each spring rain
Each blooming bud
New life! New life!
It’s not too late.
And we ask
What can ONE do?
It’s all for one
And starts with you.

Skylar Smythe
Guerilla Poetess (c) 2009

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