Some principles of the network

The co-ordinators would like to thank everyone who is making such a great contribution to the festival. People are giving their time, land, efforts, talents. The response has been fantastic. Thank you so much.

We want to just set out some core values and principles for the avoidance of doubt.

We value a real diversity of perspective, information and opinion. It is through looking at and debating a range of ideas that we will gain knowledge and understanding.

Of course, views expressed by speakers or participants or Rings Group members are those of the individuals concerned and do not reflect the views of the Imagine Network, the Rings Group or organisers of Earth Week.

This is a not for profit festival, run on good will. You will not find any tip jars for the festival or in the names of the festival co-ordinators – junivers Stockholm, Medora Chevalier, Any1 Gynoid or Geni Figaro because we are not collecting money. This is about awareness, not fund raising.

In some sims,  there may be a collection for that sim or good cause (eg Amnesty, Greenpeace, Habitat Trust) – that is up to them, it’s not for the festival in general.

Medora, Junivers, Any1
The Rings Group
The Imagine Network

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